Knowledge is a primary asset of the GEF Partnership, and knowledge generation and sharing are critical for GEF investments to achieve a lasting impact in safeguarding the global environment.

The GEF finances projects, programs, and initiatives that underpin the generation and exchange of knowledge around global environmental issues, facilitating the capture, synthesis, transfer and uptake of this knowledge within and beyond the GEF Partnership. 


The GEF Secretariat has been organizing and/or contributing to knowledge and learning events at ECWs, global environmental forums and producing and disseminating a number of knowledge products, including publications, brochures, and videos, on key technical areas in which the GEF is working.

GEF Academy

The GEF Academy is a GEF learning initiative that provides an online and face-to-face curriculum of courses/learning events designed to enhance the capacity of GEF partners and stakeholders to engage with the GEF and to deliver global environmental benefits through GEF funded initiatives.

The GEF Academy is accessible 24/7 and offers the GEF community a catalog of self-paced online courses and facilitated webinars, as well as face-to-face training events that draw on the latest knowledge and information regarding GEF policies, procedures and guidelines. Courses also provide global expertise, technical information, lessons learned, and best practices relevant to GEF investments.

Courses offered through the GEF Academy are developed and offered in partnership with GEF Agencies, GEF IEO and STAP, as well as other like-minded institutions that work on the global environment. The initial focus of the GEF Academy is to provide training on new policies and procedures that accompany the GEF’s 7th Replenishment.

Currently, three courses are available:


The GEF has been investing in specialized Knowledge and Learning Projects in several focal areas, developing knowledge hubs and platforms, communities of practice, distance learning and information sharing tools to facilitate learning and knowledge uptake globally. Some examples include:

Good Practice Briefs

Good Practice Briefs are products of collaboration between the GEF Secretariat and GEF Agencies. Launched at the 57th Council meeting, the briefs identify good practice examples from the GEF project portfolio, in line with key GEF2020 strategic priorities and GEF-7 programming directions and policy recommendations.